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Paddle Crab
Ladybird on Leaf
Weather Vane
Copper Lamp
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3
Pohutukawa Leaf Brooches
Pohutukawa Branch
Pohutukawa Branch (crop)
Cherry Blossom Branch
Cherry Blossom Branch (crop)
Large Cherry Blossom Branch
Large Cherry Blossom Branch (crop)
Rata Branch
Rata Branch (crop)
Shadow Plant
Liana (crop)
Liana (crop)

Rudi’s copper sculptures are mostly inspired by New Zealand native flora & fauna. His workshop sits amidst the bush of the Waitakere Ranges.


Rudi’s work combines intertwined branches and leaves with curling tendrils, some of his shadow plants include cast bronze pods or flower heads. These wall sculptures are so named for the interesting shadows they cast on the background wall.


His Pohutukawa branches have leaves pocked by insect holes. The blossom branches end in swags of copper blossom. The lamp shades are giant representations of native flowers...every piece of his copper work is handmade each branch, leaf and petal.

Rudi’s shrimps and paddle crabs are also native’s of New Zealand and inspired by his childhood spent playing and examining the creatures that live in the rock pools of the West and East coast beaches of Auckland.

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